What Do You Do With It All?

Once the peas started coming in I started looking up recipes. However, after the realization that I don’t particularly like pea soup or even peapods in a stir-fry, I came to the understanding that I will not eat the two large bags of vegetable that my gloriously growing vines have produced! Then there’s the line of tomatoes on my kitchen window sill that are ripening. I love pasta with a nice marinara, but I am only one person. Teddy shared some of his aubergine and together we made the most marvelous parmesan, but for real?

So, I took some of the produce downstairs to Gladys. She loves pea soup. And to cook! Yesterday she rang me up and asked me to stop by. She created this wonderful casserole with all our veg in it. OMG! And she had made enough that both Teddy and I had plenty for two or three meals apiece.

So, I suggested to Ted that maybe we ought to leave out a basket by the walk with our vegetables in it with a note that if they would like some tomatoes, please do! Simply put something back into the basket–like fresh bread or maybe some biscuits.

Suddenly it is all clear to me. It’s one of those moments where that “it takes a world to raise a child” thing comes into focus. I have been eating so well over the past week, but I only grew tomatoes and peas. There have been biscuits, potatoes, a bag of rice, and even a tin of smoked fish.

While we were splitting up the stuff this morning, I asked Ted what he does for a living. He is a freelance writer. I know that Drake was looking for help with their new social media campaign and sent Ted to them. He picked up a new contract and will be working to provide them actionable topics to engage their audience. How awesome is that?

I have to get back to work now. I am creating frames for chat rooms–the images for the frames. 7red wants something full of scrollwork for their European castle themed slot game.