Taking Risks

It’s been three years since I started growing my garden, thanks to the help of Ted and Gladys, I was able to prepare healthy meals from my own backyard. I also started enjoying sipping hot mint tea on rainy Sunday afternoons coming from my own produce. This is a very proud moment for me!

Now that it’s summer in the UK, I’m excited to try out new crops that are unusual here. At first, I was hesitant, but I like taking risks. It’s what makes life exciting. I have been trapped in my comfort zone, and I realized how boring my life was. And now my new mantra is – Tomar Riesgos (Hispanic for Taking Risks). 

I had a perfect idea! Since my mantra is of Latin roots, I decided to take the risk of growing a plant that is popular in Mexico. I recently discovered Tomatillo, a Mexican plant that is easy to cultivate and grows everywhere. You don’t need to have a gardener’s hand to grow these crops (with only 3 years of gardening experience, I can’t wholeheartedly say I have a gardener’s hand, here’s one wishing). All you need is to plant them one time, and you won’t need to plant them again. Tomatillos scatter everywhere and seed themselves. Since tomatillos are sensitive to cold temperatures, the process is a little tricky. The temperature requirements for growing tomatillos are 25 to 32 °C. For the first 6-8 weeks, it must be grown indoors and transferred outdoors for full sun exposure. It’s risky to grow it here in the UK temperature conditions, but I’m willing to take the risk for the sake of making my homemade roasted tomatillo salsa dip. Okay, maybe I can’t make it correctly, but Gladys promised to help me out with the preparation once I grow it successfully.

As of this moment, while typing this blog, I’m looking at the ports of tomatillos on top of my kitchen sink. I can’t wait for how they turn out, and how delicious the salsa of Gladys could come up with. I did some research, and it could also be used to marinade a roasted chicken. This would be a perfect meal when combined with white rice, freshly chopped cilantro (of course, I will ask for Ted’s cilantro from his garden), and sour cream. I can’t wait to prepare this meal when my dad visits, hopefully, my tomatillos should be ready by then. 

Ohhhh I love trying out something new, it gives me fresh energy to wake up in the morning. I have to admit I’m not much of a risk-taker, and trying out something new makes my stomach hurl. Then I realized that’s why I quickly get bored because I stick to a safe routine. Safe is boring. 

Maybe I’m starting to become more adventurous, not the outdoor kind of adventurous, just the mild adventure-seeker. I love it! Perhaps it began with taking risks with cryptocurrency investment. In my previous blog last February, I mentioned that I started investing in cryptocurrency. It’s undeniable I formed a bit of an obsession. I’m just grateful that I chose to sign-up with CFD contracts rather than buying my own coins. My investment is much safer, and since the value of the coins has increased gradually, and the payout is pretty high. 

I can’t contain my excitement with how the Tomatillo turns out, but I have to get back to work. As of now, I’m updating some images for 7red for the European castle inspired slot games, and new frames with their chat room. I think I’m stuck and need inspiration for the frames I’m making. Anyone have any suggestions? Does a Viking inspired chat room to entertain the gamers? Maybe I’ll take the risk? I’ll keep you guys posted on my next blog if I could stand up to my mantra Tomar Riesgos.