Starting Out New and Shiny

Welcome to my online home. I’m Dee Connor, social media mogul extraordinaire. I live in the far reaches of Cornwall, home to pixies and other small folk of ancient lore. I spend much of my time parked in front of my laptop creating graphics for online casinos. It is beyond fun. It’s the best job I could ever wish to have. I’m my own boss, getting up when the whim strikes me and plugging away late into the night, if that is what strikes my fancy.

Who do I work for? I’ve had contracts with most of the big online casinos like LeoVegas and 7red. They send me graphics projects. Sometimes I’m generating new gems for their online slots games to spit out when you win, and other times I have creating winning memes for Facebook announcements. I often think it is amazing that anybody actually pays me to make stuff up like this.

So, what will my blog be about? Oh, whatever might come my way. I love hiking and the radical cliffs of Cornwall are awesome for finding inspiration. If you walk out on a grey day, only the kind that the UK can bring, the power of the ocean can rip your breath away. I do wonder if magic had any part in the creation of our little country. Did King Arthur really exist? I’ve gone out to the park of Tintagle a couple times. It’s almost like the walls whisper to you there.

In all reality, I’m something of a throwback. I kind of hate the one bedroom flat I rent in a very ordinary complex. I drive a Prius. I wear trainers and yoga pants. I am boring. I think I’d like to be less boring and like myself a bit better. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading my stuff from time to time.