My DIY Home Office

Before I tell you what I’ve been up to these past few weeks, I want to update you on my tomatillos adventure. I successfully grew it, and Gladys made the most delicious salsa! I’m actually eating chips and salsa as of this moment. I can’t wait for next summer to plant tomatillos again.

I do graphic projects for a living, mostly for casino sites, and I work remotely at home. But I don’t have a home office. I just usually work at my bedroom or lounge in the couch while working. Honestly, I got a bit tired, and my back hurts from not being able to sit properly. I’ve been thinking of tweaking some parts of my living space and turn it into a home office. I’m in a bit of a budget and a limited space, and I decided to do it on my own. I sought some advice from my dad and I think I could do this! I guess my “taking risks” mantra got stuck on me. This is my first time making renovations in my place, on my own. 

Since I want to be continuously inspired while working, I want to place my computer table in the window and place some succulents, to have that bright and green feeling. I wanted to have some natural light in my home office, it keeps the inspiration flowing through, as compared to staring blankly at a wall. Aside from the natural light from the window, it is also a must to add additional lighting. I’ve been experiencing some strain on my eyes for a few weeks now, another reason I have to come up with a decent home office. I hope this adds to my productivity too. I’m thinking of maybe adding some details like acrylic wall calendars, use old frames for dry erase boards, and whatever comes to mind.

The first thing I had to do was to buy an office table and chair. I wanted a wooden table and chair to match that bright and green feeling of the office space I envisioned. I saw the perfect setting for me, only £52.00 for the wooden computer desk, plus £29.99 for its matching chair. I also purchased some decorations that I think would be suitable for finishing touches for my home office. What amazed me the most was the website has an option to use cryptocurrency to buy their products online. Isn’t that awesome? But I did not use my bitcoins because they’re under CFD contracts, and technically they’re not under my possession. But how cool is that? Being able to order products online using bitcoins? It’s a good as cash. 

Anyways, a week later, everything I ordered online arrived, and I couldn’t be any happier. I also bought some succulents in a local market, one for my desk, and two more for the window. I assembled everything in one day, I guess that’s how excited I am, and I’m proud of what I have accomplished. I’m starting to feel more productive while working. Ted dropped by the other day and spoke nothing but praises on what I did what did place. He thinks of putting his own home office too. He said it could inspired him to work with his writings. As a freelance writer, Ted does need constant inspiration and fresh perspective, a bright and green home office like mine will surely fit his needs. My back doesn’t ache anymore, and I don’t feel any straining on my eyes, all my hard work has paid off. 

I’m thinking of remodeling my bedroom next time. Could I do it? I’m thinking of changing my wallpaper into vibrant colors, what I have now is a bit dull. I guess I should call my dad again and ask for some tips. Are there indoor plants that I could place in my bedroom? I can’t wait for my next project and see how it goes. As of now I have to get back to work, I have an ongoing project with Drake Casino. I’ll keep you guys posted on my next projects, and next “unusual” plants I will grow.