Growing a Garden One Inch at a Time

So, the guy upstairs his name is Teddy. I was right. He’s totally into gardening and keeping the Earth green. He had a ton of tips for me on how to start a garden. Then he unlocked the shed. I guess he was working the vegetable plot two years ago but gave up when the other four flats didn’t want to get involved. He had it all in there! Watering pitchers, hoses, shovels, hoes and a punch of tools for digging around on your hands and knees. He helped me mark out a section to start my tomatoes and peas. He decided he’d take the other end of the garden to do peppers and aubergine. Then Gladys, the grandmother asked to watch. She suggested marigolds to be planted in with the veg. She says it keeps the bugs down.

Now there’s this little garden with a fence made out of crooked wire and some old posts. When I get my next commission check, I’m gonna splurge on some nice fencing I saw when I bought my plants. I’ve always built things on the computer, but since our flat in Birmingham was so small, I didn’t ever get to build something real. My friends and I would wander around the park and shopping center. It was so…impersonal.

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I had to dig the dirt out from under my nails last night. It smelled really awesome. Why is it that people always talk about how dirt stinks? We grow everything in it and then eat that stuff. Why wouldn’t it smell great? And mud. I never made a mud pie before. It’s like the most fun ever.

I’ve asked Brad over at Drake Casino if their money could have flowers on it. He sounded uninterested but said for me to come up with something different and they’ll talk about it. So, I guess that’s what I’ll do.

I’m heading back out to the garden. I wonder how much taller the pea plants are?