Digging in the Garden

Well, this is something new. My landlord asked me if I wanted to grow any veg in the plot at the back of our communal garden area. I was all like, “What?” I’ve never grown a thing in my life. I grew up in Birmingham in a high-rise. We had a turtle, who never looked very happy about his situation. When I left the factories and smog behind for the coast after my mum passed, I really thought I might find something new to get my life moving.

Gardening! Who knew? I bought some peas and tomato plants at the garden center. The guy also sold me these trellis things. I guess peas grow on vines or something like that. I really haven’t a clue. I’ve started googling how to make a garden. The landlord has a shed back in the area where he said we could dig. There’s a guy in the second floor apartment who dresses all ragged like and has a caravan in storage. Maybe he knows something about gardens.

I started on a new project this week for a new client, Drake Casino. I guess they run their thing with bit coins. They want a new look for their money, so I’ll be building some new options for them. Should it look like a coin? Paper money? More like a US dollar or one of ours with all the colors. It will certainly be a challenge. My contact at Drake, his name is Brad but speak with an Indian accent. It’s a funny thing about these online places, you never really know where they are or who they are. Even if you Skype with them, there’s no knowing. There’s a grandmother who live in the flat below me. She talks about the days she spent working near Westminster in London. I wonder what she did? I doubt I shall ever find out where Brad works. In a sweat shop in Delhi? Or a luxurious flat overlooking Manhattan. It is a mystery. Btw y’all before I end this blog post I want to tell you that I found a new hobby! I wrote about it in the following blog post, click here to check it out!