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We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone

So, Teddy brought me my first ripe tomato today. It had bite marks in it. ewww! When I complained, he said that it was food, wasn’t it? Did I think I was the only one on the planet interested in the tomato? I really hadn’t thought of it before. So this week I spent looking around our garden and learned some amazing things.

Hedgehogs are one of the cutest animals on our planet! OMG. Bright, beady black eyes in this doll-like face with little grabby hands. I spotted one digging by the aubergine plants late last night when I walked out for a break from compiling a new image for 7red. After blending endless lines of rainbow colored neon, your eyes need a bit of a break. They’re launching this new game aimed at the rainbow crowd. Every freakin’ image in the database needs an exploding rainbow! I am freaking out a little at the repetitive imagery. But it pays good, so who am I to complain?

Anyway, back to the hedgehog. Who apparently eats those nasty slug things. I hear rustling under the bushes near the garden all the time. Teddy thinks it is mice or voles. And he says as long as we have the garden out here, they will be less likely to come in and raid our pantries.

I guess I never thought about the fact that a whole bunch of animals live around us and are busy eating the stuff that is made just for them. Why do I need to worry about getting rid of them if they aren’t bothering me? I was just thinking about that while an advertisement for a pest guy aired on the telly. If I poison the ant and the hedgehog eats the ant…that can’t be good, can it?

I threw out the box of bug spray I wanted to use on the tomatoes. I guess I don’t need to eat them all. I can share.

Growing a Garden One Inch at a Time

Growing a Garden One Inch at a Time

So, the guy upstairs his name is Teddy. I was right. He’s totally into gardening and keeping the Earth green. He had a ton of tips for me on how to start a garden. Then he unlocked the shed. I guess he was working the vegetable plot two years ago but gave up when the other four flats didn’t want to get involved. He had it all in there! Watering pitchers, hoses, shovels, hoes and a punch of tools for digging around on your hands and knees. He helped me mark out a section to start my tomatoes and peas. He decided he’d take the other end of the garden to do peppers and aubergine. Then Gladys, the grandmother asked to watch. She suggested marigolds to be planted in with the veg. She says it keeps the bugs down.

Now there’s this little garden with a fence made out of crooked wire and some old posts. When I get my next commission check, I’m gonna splurge on some nice fencing I saw when I bought my plants. I’ve always built things on the computer, but since our flat in Birmingham was so small, I didn’t ever get to build something real. My friends and I would wander around the park and shopping center. It was so…impersonal.

I had to dig the dirt out from under my nails last night. It smelled really awesome. Why is it that people always talk about how dirt stinks? We grow everything in it and then eat that stuff. Why wouldn’t it smell great? And mud. I never made a mud pie before. It’s like the most fun ever.

I’ve asked Brad over at Drake Casino if their money could have flowers on it. He sounded uninterested but said for me to come up with something different and they’ll talk about it. So, I guess that’s what I’ll do.

I’m heading back out to the garden. I wonder how much taller the pea plants are?

Digging in the Garden

Digging in the Garden

Well, this is something new. My landlord asked me if I wanted to grow any veg in the plot at the back of our communal garden area. I was all like, “What?” I’ve never grown a thing in my life. I grew up in Birmingham in a high-rise. We had a turtle, who never looked very happy about his situation. When I left the factories and smog behind for the coast after my mum passed, I really thought I might find something new to get my life moving.

Gardening! Who knew? I bought some peas and tomato plants at the garden center. The guy also sold me these trellis things. I guess peas grow on vines or something like that. I really haven’t a clue. I’ve started googling how to make a garden. The landlord has a shed back in the area where he said we could dig. There’s a guy in the second floor apartment who dresses all ragged like and has a caravan in storage. Maybe he knows something about gardens.

I started on a new project this week for a new client, Drake Casino. I guess they run their thing with bit coins. They want a new look for their money, so I’ll be building some new options for them. Should it look like a coin? Paper money? More like a US dollar or one of ours with all the colors. It will certainly be a challenge. My contact at Drake, his name is Brad but speak with an Indian accent. It’s a funny thing about these online places, you never really know where they are or who they are. Even if you Skype with them, there’s no knowing. There’s a grandmother who live in the flat below me. She talks about the days she spent working near Westminster in London. I wonder what she did? I doubt I shall ever find out where Brad works. In a sweat shop in Delhi? Or a luxurious flat overlooking Manhattan. It is a mystery. Btw y’all before I end this blog post I want to tell you that I found a new hobby! I wrote about it in the following blog post, click here to check it out!