Adding a Little Bit of Spice

I spent the weekend in Birmingham with Dad. His new girlfriend, Sheila, loves to cook. She’s got these little herb pots all lined up in the kitchen window. I guess we always just ate whatever came out of the box that Mom brought home. I never know what any of it looked like. How soft basil leaves are or the thorny bits of rosemary. I mean, Dad’s kitchen was just amazing!

Back at home, I was watching a video with Ted and he said that some herbs grow well outside, like thyme and mint, but others are better inside. It was like an obsession came over me. By the end of the night I had my own little forest in my run down kitchen. But when Ted came in with a big armful of celery and carrots from our trade basket, I couldn’t wait to try out some of the new flavors.

We got this big chicken to roast and stuffed it full with lemon and a bunch of the herbs tied in a bundle. Teddy warned me that I need to let the things grow before I harvest the whole lot.

I shall never go back to pre-packaged foods again. This has been the most amazing time. I have a new home near the sea with new friends and a whole new hobby that’s complicated enough to keep me busy for years to come. How marvelous! I’m sounding so very twee. Before you know it, I’ll have married Ted, bought an old farmhouse somewhere and start to raise pigs. It’s a frightening thought.

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